About Us
At The Pilgrims Progressive School, we strongly believe that all children can learn, but they all learn different things at different stages in their lives.
Education at The Pilgrims School means everything from ,academics,learning to talk, communicate, dress, eat, toileting, knowledge about the world etc. We also believe that all teachers can be excellent teachers for any child in their care as long as they work in partnership with the parents/carers.
Most parents are dissatisfied with what their children know, but they don’t call for alternative or improved quality instruction. At The Pilgrims, we focus on providing an individualized/bespoke education to each child's needs, including children who experience extensive failure if they do not receive instruction that is responsive to their needs.Our teaching is based on principles that promote active learning.
The collective experience of the teaching personnel at THE PILGRIMS PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL is extensive and varied, each member having an outstanding record of achievement. With these credentials, teaching is modified and adapted to your child's needs both academically and developmentally.
We also use an ABA-VB (Applied Behaviour Analysis - Verbal Behaviour) approach which is sequential, incremental, functional and allows for practice and repetition, especially for the child with special educational needs.
Pupil Outcomes
Learning at The Pilgrims Progressive School means the extent to which all pupils demonstrate that they have attained the skills, knowledge and attitudes specified as goals in the Individual Education Program (IEP)

The Directors-Dennis Grante LLB ( Hons)
With the belief that Every Child Matters, Dennis champions the provision of high quality and functional education for every child, hence the birth of the Pilgrims.Given that the name of our school is based on John Bunyan's literature ' The Pilgrims Progress' my team and I espouse the same philosophy to life and that includes teaching and learning.

Mary Celestine O Grante (Celly)   BCBA

Celly has taught and supervised various children following intensive ABA-VB  home education, including some model children/students who have featured in the mainstream UK media.(26 April 2007 Telegraph;Intensive teaching at home can double IQ of autistic child and BBC News 19 June 2010: Typing is helping a boy with autism to communicate.)
Celly has also taught at one of the few ABA-VB schools, The Rainbow School for Autistic Children and now works as an Independent ABA-VB Consultant.
Celly's extensive experience in the field of Early Years and Special Education Needs is complimented by her broad academic background: Cert. Montessori (London Montessori),Diploma in Childcare and Education CACHE (Kensington and Chelsea College), Advanced Dip. Special Education Needs, MEd. Special Education Needs (Open University), Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology GBR (London Guildhall University) , Postgraduate Certificate in Early Years Education (Institute of Education, University of London) and ABA (University of North Texas).

Mary Celestine (CELLY) has over 22 years experience of intensive one to one work with children who have communication, social, adaptive and general learning difficulties and or delays. Drucker's view "There is nothing useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all", is embalmed in Celly's teaching practice.

Teaching Staff
We have great teachers, trained in Kenya, committed to positive behaviour support, changing lives and willing to keep abreast of current improvements in teaching and learning. Our teachers also undergo an in-house training in capturing and facilitating learning in all children in their care. They set high expectations for all children and never give up on those who learn differently.

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