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Welcome to THE PILGRIMS PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL, a pioneer in delivering INCLUSIVE education that is functional for all kinds of children. We also provide an education that is based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Verbal Behaviour.(ABA-VB)
The Pilgrims Progressive School is built upon Christian values.
Located in the up and coming neighbourhood of Acacia Gardens (Athi River), the education system at our school is focused on providing high-quality teaching and learning to all children, including those children who for various reasons have to be taught differently in order for them to have a chance to learn.
As parents, if you wish for your child to have a holistic education in a stimulating learning environment, then the journey begins at THE PILGRIMS PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL.
If your child has difficulties or delays in developing communication, self-help skills, social skills, and if you are dissatisfied with what your child knows, then THE PILGRIMS PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL is the place for you.

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